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Sunrise – Not Over Miami

Palm trees – yes. Miami – no. Arizona! This post was for the old WordPress.com Photo Challenge Rise/Set.

Prolific in Red – Bottlebrush Filters

The original ‘Prolific’ post and photos, without these Topaz Studio filters, are at my other blog post: Bottlebrush Plant. This post is for the old WordPress.com photo challenge Prolific.

Palm Trees and Sunrises

The originals of these photos are at Fueled by Chocolate. All filters are available in a program called Topaz Studio. This post was for the old WordPress.com photo Challenge Lines.

Utah – Balance Rock: WordPress.com Upsets the Balance

As of the end of this month (and 2,000 Daily Prompts, 380 Photo Challenges, 260 Community Pools, and 100 First Fridays later), we will no longer publish new posts, prompts, or challenges on this site. – Ben Huberman, WordPress.com The Daily Post – As you can see from the announcement above, WordPress Prompts and Photo […]
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A Line Up of Sunrises

We have a roof top patio in Arizona – a perfect place for watching sunrises, sunsets, and star gazing. The science behind contrails is fascinating. Contrails should never be a cause for alarm; after all, folks don’t flip out on chilly days when their breath forms a cloud. If it’s cold enough and the air […]
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I’d Rather Be… Warm

I’d rather be here where it is warm Than there where it is cold. This week’s WordPress.com Photo Challenge is I’d Rather Be…