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White Butterflies Hiding in the Hay Field

There is a hay field across the road from us. I love taking photos when it is full of big round bales, especially when the hawks sit on them. This spring, the farmer planted new things in the field. I haven’t figured out what all the plants are yet, but the field is absolutely beautiful! […]
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Seeds Have a Lot to Say

  “Boy, that was sure scary! I can feel my hair standing right on end!”

Spruce Cone – Macro Scales

Do you need a clue or two to help you identify this photo? Okay, the mystery object is scaly and it grows on trees. No, don’t beg or plead. That is the only hint I am going to give you. Normally I would insert a quotation about scales here, but it appears that no one […]
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Seed – Photo of Hope

What is more hopeful than seeds?! This weeks WordPress Photo Challenge is Hope.

Seeds of Discussion – So Many Types

A new word is like a fresh seed sown on the ground of the discussion. – Ludwig Wittgenstein – We moved to Houston, Texas in January of 1979. We learned a lot of new words there, not the least of which was Y’all! Gardening was a whole new experience too, what with planting a lawn […]
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Dandelion – Common Weed with Beautiful Seeds

Roses are red, Violets are blue; But they don’t get around Like the dandelions do. – Slim Acres – The Common Dandelion. Would you be surprised to know it is part of the Daisy family? And that at one time in Europe it was carefully cultivated because it was edible? That is why it was […]
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