Anti-Government – That’s Canadian Extremism

The 2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada would be a ho-hum read if it had limited it’s scope to identifying the expected culprits: 1. Sunni Islamist Extremists 2. Canadian Extremist Travellers who assist with terrorism in foreign countries 3. Shia Extremists 4.Extremists who Support Violent Means to Establish an Independent State Within India. This included Sikhs until Prime Minister Trudeau decided to … Continue reading Anti-Government – That’s Canadian Extremism

Ford Trucks – Preferred by Cavemen and Thieves

According to Mayor Nenshi of the City of Calgary, Alberta, (Canada’s oil capital), people who drive Ford F350 pick-up trucks are cavemen: … what I am interested in is helping everyone in Canada understand that we here in Alberta are not just a bunch of F350 driving cavemen… that we believe strongly in the environment, we believe strongly in the economy and we believe in … Continue reading Ford Trucks – Preferred by Cavemen and Thieves