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Bias in Journalism … Truth Decay

Ever had one of those ‘eureka moments’ where you come across a previously unknown, or perhaps once known but now forgotten, piece of information that explains one of those ‘how on earth did we get here’ observations? Example: how did we (and I can only speak for Canada and the USA) get to a place […]
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Due Process in the Time of #MeToo

PM Trudeau supports #MeToo – Until ‘Me, Too’ Initially, American President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voiced different opinions about the #MeToo Movement: Peoples lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation. Some are true and some are false. Some are old and some are new. There is no recovery […]
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Opinion Dressed Up in ‘News’ Clothes

What we used to call the ‘News‘ isn’t really news anymore, is it!? Often it is simply ‘Opinion‘ dressed up in its ‘news’ clothes… and there is so much of it. It is hard not to be overwhelmed with the volume of information that you might have to digest in order to make a decision […]
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Mike Rowe – Not all Knowledge Comes from College

If you don’t know who Mike Rowe is, please  make it your ‘job’ today to find out. He is perhaps the most down to earth, profoundly intelligent, practical person in the world. Yes, in the whole world.  This is his bio: About Mike. In this video, Mike Rowe talks to Ben Shapiro about many things, […]
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The Revival of Conversation – Peterson, Shapiro, Rubin

Jordan Peterson (Canadian clinical psychologist and educator) and Ben Shapiro (American Jewish conservative) join Dave Rubin (American gay libertarian) for a discussion about postmodernism, religion, free speech, and rules for life. Two of the most well-spoken advocates for freedom and responsibility take the stage on one of the best free thinking forums today. The individual […]
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Sunrise – Not Over Miami

Palm trees – yes. Miami – no. Arizona! This post was for the old WordPress.com Photo Challenge Rise/Set.