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The Why and What of Vanity Sizing and Metrics

Vanity sizing (size inflation) is the phenomenon where ready-to-wear clothing of a particular size becomes bigger in physical dimensions over time.

Canada – a Little Fish in a Great Big Blogging Sea

Sysomos, a Canadian analytics company, surveyed 100 million blog posts (the Great Big Blogging Sea) to determine, among other things, where bloggers are located. They found the following statistics about writers from predominantly English speaking countries: (see the Sysomos website for the complete stats, which includes the non-English speaking countries) 29.22% came from the United […]
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Alzheimer’s Statistics in Canada – They Make me Nervous

How are you with Statistics? I get nervous whenever I see a bunch of them hanging around. I wonder what they are going to try to tell me or sell me. I know they are not liars, but I also know they aren’t exactly telling the whole truth either. For example, last week I browsed […]
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Fat Facts – An Obesity Epidemic or a Beauty Bias?

FAT. How can so small a word have such a bad reputation? The dictionary lists 42 synonyms, not a single one of them complimentary. What a bad rap for something we all have and need! There is only one body type that doesn’t appear to have much body fat, and that is the one coveted […]
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Self Control and the Marshmallow Test

A Blogger by the name of Retired Syd recently talked about Marshmallows. She discussed some interesting research that was done  by Stanford University on Delayed Gratification. A  review of this was done by The New Yorker in an article titled Don’t! The Secret of Self Control. The meat (or mallow) of the research was that […]
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Self-Indulgence and Consumer Spending Habits

One of the more interesting movies in 2008 was an animated Disney Pixar film called WALL-E . With an estimated budget of $180 million, (and Gross Domestic Revenue of  $224 million), the movie depicts what happens to mankind when it has to leave the Earth they destroyed and live in the  luxury of a huge […]
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