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Wishing for Weather – I Said Rain – not Snow!

Towards the end of our stay in Arizona, I saw a TV commercial that made me long for a rainy day. An off road vehicle was driving up a winding mountain road. A light rain was falling. I remembered how fresh the air could feel and how wonderful the forest could smell after a rain!  […]
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Today was a Good Day for Rain Drops

Rain Drops Make the Flowers Sparkle

After the rain – the plants were freshly washed and ready to have their photos taken! To do these photos justice, click on one of them to open a slideshow. To close the slideshow, press your ES-Ca-pay button (or the tiny ‘X’ on the top left of the screen). Your Good Days – any particularly […]
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Hail – An Abrupt End to the Veggie Garden

The August 2014 hail storm in Airdrie, Alberta was unprecedented in terms of damage.

Alchemilla mollis – Lost in the Details of a Raindrop

Macro photo of a large raindrop on a green leaf.

Reflecting on Raindrops and Bird Poop

What can you see inside a raindrop? What if a rainstorm dropped all of its water in a single giant drop?